When I found out that I was going to get to do a review for GoJane, I can’t even put into words just how ecstatic I was.

I was blessed, and got to review Fur Trim Suede Pom-Pom Boot, pictured below.


If brown isn’t your color check these out. This is a boot style that I personally like. If brown isn’t your color, as pictured above, then below is shown, pink, black, grey, and chocolate.


I LOVE THESE BOOTS! And I’m Loving GoJane.com

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I really think the price they sell for, $22.30 is a steal of a deal!

The prices on their site, absolutely amazed me, I WILL be back to their site for all of my family. I already have my eye on a few other pairs of shoes, even though hubby complains about my shoes. *sigh* He’ll get over it eh’ gals?

It’s interesting  when they came via UPS, I was literally walking out the door on my way to the emergency room, for a migraine shot. And stopped when I seen the package was from GoJane. My husband literally had to get a pocket knife on the front porch to open these so I could wear them. I was cold, and in the ER, I was sooooooo cold. But my feet were NOT. These SWEET, light weight boots can be worn up, or folded down, which was the kicker for me.

On the way out of the ER, I was complimented on my GoJane boots, and on a quick walk through a large retail store, was again complimented.

These boots are very light. Possibly a bit under sized, I wear around a 9 – 9.5 and ordered a 10, and they fit very nicely.

I have a feeling that my husband may attempt cutting the pom pom’s off so they will suit him as well. Hence why I got the pom pom’s. *grin*

GoJane.com carries MORE than just shoes and boots, and have EXCELLENT prices. Good quality, lost cost … a double dipper isn’t it?

Make it a point to visit GoJane.com EVERY Friday evening, as they list 300 New Items!

Enter Coupon Code “GJSHIP50? and get Free Standard Shipping on all US orders over $50!

Here are some of the well priced goodies on their site.