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How much have you been paying for ink? If you aren’t using a Kodak printer, you are spending way more than you should have to. I have another brand printer, and I have never walked out of a store spending less than around $80, for both black, and colored ink. It’s been painful for me to spend that much money, unjustified … on ink. Just ink. Many times I have gone in the store to pick up ink, and a few odd and end items, and put the ink back. It’s just too expensive! More often than not, I have no ink.

Now keep in mind, I don’t print everything I see. But we print MANY pictures. Tons. We have photo album, upon photo album. That is where most of our ink goes, thus justifying my ability to purchase ink. Purchasing your next printer should not include pricing ink before making this purchase. I really feel as tho it should be based on the features of the printer, the brand reputation, life span of the product, not the price of ink. Not to mention it’s many times cheaper to buy a whole new printer, than it is to just purchase ink!

Just to see for myself how cheap this printer ink really is, I’m doing a bit of my homework. I’m searching a couple of stores online to get prices for the ink. Thus far, it’s all ringing true.

BestBuy – A simple search using the keywords “kodak ink” pulled up 3 choices. A fast skim showed me the printer model’s, and prices of ink. $14.99 <— That’s not a fib. Look for yourself. Click here.

Staples – Kodak 8063299 Color & Black Ink Cartridges, 2/Pack <— Double pack $24.99

Manufacturers suggested retail price $14.99 for color and $9.99 for black

No more! You hear me? NO MORE! We can all afford ink, with the help of Kodak!

Kodak $110 PrePaid Visa

I feel very blessed, and honored to have gotten to review a –

Kodak ESP 5250 All In One Printer

  • Wi-Fi connectivity built in
  • 2.4? LCD and memory card slots
  • Print with or without a PC

Now all of our readers know that I love to put my review products to the test. It’s fun! So to begin my review, I asked my husband, who is not computer or tech savvy at all. Zilch. Hand him a USB cord, and he’s going to find something to tie down. He helped me unpack the Kodak printer, and hook it up. Simple. Take note here before I go any farther. The Kodak printer does not come with a USB 2.0 cord. Which is needed to hook it up with wires. However, the Kodak ESP 5250 has the capability to connect via wi-fi. How cool is that? Anyway, my biggest focus here, for me is that this printer can print easily, without a PC. If hubby wants to use it, I want it simple for him to use. So we hunted up one of our SD memory cards, I added pictures to it, as if it was taken straight from the digital camera. Handed it to hubby, and turned him loose. (Have you see pictures of my hubby? It’s visually clear he is not tech savvy, and he has no intentions of becoming techy, at all. Ever.)

Lo’ and behold he placed the sample sheets of Kodak paper into the paper tray, slide the paper holder over to hold it in place, inserted the memory card, selected his picture, pressed start, and it spit out a very nice printed picture. No confusion of how many. Literally, it was that easy.

Purchase any Kodak EasyShare Digital camera, digital frame, or Kodak pocket video camera, and save $50 off a Kodak printer. Offer good only at Staples through 1/16/2010.

Save $50 instantly off the purchase of a Kodak all-in-one printer, in addition to special weekly savings when you bring in an old printer to any Best Buy Store to be recycled. Good through 12/26/09.

Kodak Save $110 Tour
In honor of the Kodak’s Save $110 tour, that is traveling across the country to show how you can save on an average $110 a year on ink with Kodak Printers!

Garland, TX 10AM – 1:30PM
December 10th – Plano, TX 2:30PM – 6:00PM
December 11th
Tyler, TX 10:00AM – 1:30PM
Longview, TX 2:30PM – 6:00PM

Just for stopping by, you’ll have a chance to win the newest Kodak ESP 3250 or 5250 or a $110 Visa gift card.

Head on over to Print & Prosper to learn more about Kodak Printers, and cost savings.

Follow the Kodak Save $110 Tour, to see when they’re going to be in a city near you, and for an additional chance to win $110 just by showing up! The tour is a part of Kodak¹s “Print & Prosper” marketing campaign, reinforcing how Kodak¹s All-in-One inkjet printers are revolutionizing the inkjet printer business by offering the lowest total ink replacement cost in the industry ($14.99 MSRP for color and $9.99 MSRP for black).

As if saving around $110 a year on ink wasn’t enough, Kodak is offering one NetWorkingWitches reader a chance to win a prepaid Visa card for the amount of $110. See below how to enter.

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