Rada Pro Nail Station

Are you a bit like I am, in that you love to have your nails done, or a pedicure but don’t want to pay the sometimes outrageous prices to have one done? If you are, or if you simply like to do your own manicure and pedicures then you really should check this out. I always do my nails at home, as does my tween daughter. We keep our nail care supplies rotating. Nothing stale there! The Nail Station from Rada Pro. The stand positions hands and feet at the perfect angle, while the polish holder leaves your hands free to work quickly, and comfortably while avoiding spills.

The hand/foot support stand, polish holder, accessory tray, pump bottle for polish remove, and washable 100% cotton slip covers. (comes with an extra)

Rada Pro Nail StationFill the pump bottle with polish remover, place cotton, implements, base coat and polish bottles on the accessory tray and swivel it to the convenient position.
When nails are ready, insert a polish bottle into polish holder, tilt and move it for easy rich. Place your fingers on the hand rest covered by slip cover, apply polish to the nails and repeat the same with top coat.

For pedicure procedure sit down on the ottoman or any lower bench, place the station on the floor in front of you, place your toes on the hand/foot support, move tray and polish holder to the convenient position and apply polish to the toe nails.

What’s better than this? The Rada Pro Holiday Special, $5 off! Making the Rada Pro Nail Station $19.99!