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Curious Chef sent my daughter and I a wonderful cooking set, sized just for her, for us to review! We were blessed enough to receive the 27 Piece Foundation Set. Oh, and if you are using FireFox, and their site doesn’t load very well, give it a try with IE. That has worked wonders for us.

When we got the 27 Piece Foundation Set, I was expecting teensy weensy kids sized kitchen utensils that would break while mixing even the thinnest of pancake batters. I was prepared with real utensils in the event of this happening. I was pleasantly surprised. And my daughter noticed this also, we did not need any replacement utensils. Nice.  I don’t think I have ever encountered such high quality cookware … kids cookware. It’s ok to say it, and let your kids hear you. Because this isn’t fragile.

I’m sitting here, rolling around the rolling pin. I’m sure you might be wondering why. It’s heavy. It’s heavier than the one I use. I’m thinking of making it a replacement for mine. I may have to swap my daughter this or that for this rolling pin. Comparatively of course, it’s shorter than a Mom might normally use. Did I mention it’s a non stick rolling pin.

All of the utensils that come in our Foundation Set, can be purchased individually on Curious Chef. Sure, they are smaller than adult sized utensils, but the quality is not lacking. Each utensil has a gripper on each handle. The large 3 quart bowl has a great seal, and a grippered, non slip bottom. It serves a double purpose since it’s non slip and the green gripper slipper has been brought up the side of the bowl a bit. It looks nice too. Useful, and easy on the eyes. Two thumbs up in my book. The center of the bowl removes, and can be used as a spoon rest. Leaving a hole in the bowl lid, is a wonderful non splash stir zone for little ones. We did experience this with my 3 year old wild great nephew. He’s my darling. But he can sure put anything to the test.

These cookie cutters aren’t metal and sharp edged, these are a nice hard plastic, and just “sharp” enough to cut cookie dough. Again, with the non slip edge added to the top. We got the flower, butterfly, and teddy bear in our Foundation Kit. And nicely priced for $1.99 each. Don’t forget, you can purchase these items separately.

Same with the measuring cups, and spoons. Non slip grip handles, small enough for kids, yet sized well enough for parents to use also.

The Whisk feels sturdy, and held up even to my husband’s use. Yes gals, my husband not only knows what a whisk is, but he can use one as well!

We love the 4 Piece Child Chef Textile Set, lovely apron, and bakers / chefs hat. The hat has a velcro closure, that even fits me!

Curious Chef products are BPA Free and are certified to be in compliance with all relevant standards including the CPSC lead and phthalate limits.

More information and our Product Safety Certificate can be found on the Product Safety Page.

These precious products are dishwasher safe! That doesn’t surprise me. My surprise was at how well these stand up to the test of actual use, wear and tear. Trust me, that darling great nephew of mine, can test anything to it’s limits. Our clean up consisted of actually cleaning the utensils, and measuring cups, and spoons. Nothing broke! These may look fun, with the bright colors, but let me assure you, they do not feel like toys.

Your child doesn’t need to be below average in size to wear these. I’m not a small lady, and they fit me. Snug, but they do fit me. I often get annoyed buying age appropriate items for my 11 year old, she is over weight, so the “normal” kid stuff usually isn’t geared for her. Mind you, she isn’t morbidly obese, but she’s a good healthy weight, and large for her age.  These all work well for her. It’s just wonderful to see an 11 year old, a 7 year old, and a rough n’ tough 3 year old using these, as the Curious Chef products hold their own up against this crowd.

Take a look around their site, be sure to go over their FAQ page.

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I’d like to sum up our review to this.
Thank you to Curious Chef for a good quality, sturdy product that works. That is worth the money being paid for it. And for giving us many wonderful evenings together playing in dough! *Bonus*Each Kit includes a Shopping List and set of Scrapbooking Stickers
Enjoy the below picture of my husband, posing before we broke in our Curious Chef Kitchen Gear.