Gooseberry Patch

Around 5 – 6  years ago, I heard someone say “Gooseberry Patch”, and my curiosity was peaked. I headed straight for their website. And have had it memorized since then. It was love at first “site”. A charming,  country online store, chocked FULL of goodies. I can’t even begin to make a wish list for them. My wish list would literally be a mile long. This is probably one of the most difficult reviews I have written, not because of the company, or their products, but their wealth of wonderful goodies and cookbooks.It’s like a potato chip, can’t choose just one.

Before I found Gooseberry Patch, I had little to no interest in cookbooks. All the cookbooks I had been given, or purchased just never grabbed my attention. They were boring, or I easily lost interest in them, soon to retire on a shelf or be donated to the local library. I often ran into recipes that had ingredients I had never even heard of before. When I flipped open the cover of my very first Gooseberry Patch cookbook, I headed straight to the kitchen. Their cookbooks have what I call REAL recipes. I love that I can grab a recipe, and I have all ingredients on hand. I have been hooked on Gooseberry Patch since day 1. And I’m proud of that. I hope that you, our readers will enjoy Gooseberry Patch as much as I do, if that’s even possible. My love runs deep!

You see, Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, are not just recipes. The pages are full of tips, tricks, hints, and good old fashioned Country Blessings, and charm. It can teach you how to add the smallest of small to an everyday dish, to make it memorable. If you don’t have an interest in Christmas Cookbooks, then by all means, visit Gooseberry Patch, and take a look at the wide variety of cookbook choices they have available, there is something for everyone  there! Check out the Cookbook Index.

  • Over 200 mouthwatering recipes for the holiday season
  • Chapters include Homemade Memories, Breakfast & Brunch wtih Friends, Home for Christmas Dinner, Festive Family Desserts & more
  • Exclusively designed by Gooseberry Patch
  • Hardcover, 224 pages
  • 9-1/4? x 6-1/2?