HeatStaking Ultrasonic Welding

HeatStaking, Ultrasonic Welders. Ultrasonic welding machines are used to join small and medium thermoplastic parts through pressure and high frequency mechanical vibrations (15 kHz- 40 kHz), creating localized frictional heat that melts the plastic together. When the vibrations stop, the plastic quickly cools and solidifies. Ultrasonic welding is quick, repeatable and does not require consumables. Hermetic seals can easily be obtained with ultrasonic welders. PAS ultrasonic welders run at 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 30 kHz, and 40 kHz frequencies.

HeatStaking models of ultrasonic welding machines include:

  • Ultrasonic Hand Guns
  • Bench Top Integrated Ultrasonic Weldders
  • Automation Ultrasonic Actuator Heads and Modular Power Supplies
  • Closed Loop Process Controls – Energy Welding, Distance Welding, Time Welding, Force Welding, Automatic Frequency Tuning, and Variable Amplitude Output Control
  • Microprocessor and Standard Time models available
  • Tooling – Ultrasonic Horns, Fixtures, Converters and Boosters for all makes, models, and brands of Ultrasonic Welders