iCarly Sam’s Remote


If you have a tween (aka preteen, ages 10-12ish) then you are all too familiar with iCarly. Carly, Sam, Freddie, and good ole’ Spencer.
iCarly is the top-rated live-action show on Nickelodeon, following the life of savvy thirteen year old, Carly Shay. The star of iCarly, and the star of her own web show.

It all started with a boring punishment, taping contestants for the school’s talent show competition, turned Carly Shay, and her best friend Sam, into web superstars. Rather than uploading the video of the talent show contestants, Carly’s friend Freddie, accidentally posted a clip of Carly and Sam joking around, and chatting it up. The video clip received so many hits on Splash Face, Carly couldn’t resist convincing Same (her best friend, and co-host), and Freddie (their technical producer) to create a web show where kids can do and say anything they want. From there it has spiraled into many antics, and lots of fun for iCarly fans, mainly tweens!

Playmates toys is introducing new products that capture the lifesytle of today’s trendy and tech savvy tweens. Released this fall the highly anticipated iCarly inspired toy line incldues hip customizable, collectible vinyl figures with stylized designs, interactive play set with character recognition that allows kids to control chatting between the characters.
Authentic, hilarious phrases from the show, and detailed electronic role play accessories all inspired by the iCarly. You won’t want to miss Sam’s Remote. Little girls can imagine and pretend themselves on-set starring with Carly, and her friends!

iCarly Sam's Remote

My daughter has gone ballistic with Sam’s Remote from iCarly! She loves the alternating sounds, and how much it looks like the one they use on the show. iCarly is a good clean, and fun show that I don’t mind my daughter watching, many times my husband, son, daughter, and even myself watch iCarly episodes. And she always keeps an eye peeled for new, and coming iCarly products from the Nickelodeon show, and commercials. If you are the parent of a tween, take a look around at other iCarly products, your daughter is sure to love them. They are age appropriate, and family friendly.

iCarly accessories, and toys are available for purchase from Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and Toys R Us.

Memorex iCarly Action Camera Kit

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