Munchie Mug

Ok so as I sit here with the Munchie Mug, I was thinking  …. “hmmm, how can I bust this little dude, surely the snacks are going to fall out”. Sheesh, was I wrong! Each time I add an item, I am not taking any out.
I started with a halloween bat ring, added the lid, and shook it HARD upside down.
Hmmm again, so I add a cough drop.
Nothing fell out.
Determined that this patent pending fabric closure was bound to give in, I add a small lighter. (don’t add these things to your Munchie Mug for yourself or your child please.)
And again I shake!
Nothing falls out.
So I add a regular sized lighter, and again I’m shaking the dickens out of this Munchie Mug. Nothing fell out.

I’m now adding a 1 ounce tube of lotion. This is getting rather heavy. I shook the mess out of it yet again. I really thought the lotion would come out of the mug upside down, since it’s tubular shaped, yet still nothing has come out of the Munchie Mug.
Ok so, I added a quarter, a nickel, a dime, and a penny. Now keep in mind, I’m shaking this REALLY hard. And I’m shaking it side to side, up and down. It sort of looks like I’m throwing a tantrum. lol

I did find that if I deliberately shook The Munchie Mug the direction of the slit in the lid, I couldn’t get anything more than 2 coins to fall out. I kept ALL other items in the Munchie Mug. I put the 2 coins that fell out back into the mug and shook again, all directions. The 2nd try none of the coins, or other items fell out. So after sitting here for about a half an hour shaking, and adding items to the Munchie Mug, only once did anything fall out. I really thought that if the slit in the fabric opened and anything fell out, that other things would fall out as well. Sort of like a dominoe effect with the opening. Yet it did not happen.

Munchie Mug scores a 5/5 for me.

Munchie Mug comes in 3 colors.

Pretty good test run, if I do say so myself. I’ll be keeping Munchie Mugs around our house for little ones. I can very easily see how this would save a huge mess in the house or in the car. And I think I’ll be adding a Munchie Mug to each of our vehicles. We often go fishing in the summer, and where we go we have to use four wheel drive, usually not a smooth ride.

Thinking more on the Munchie Mug, not only does it keep goodies in, but it keeps ickies out!

The Munchie Mug has my personal Mom Seal Of Approval. And after my own little “tests”, I love the Munchie Mug.


Now, some product features, information from Munchie Mug’s website.