Old Cell Phone? Try Cell Phone Donation

What do you do with them? If you’re anything like many of us that have a cell phone you have at least one old one laying around somewhere. Gathering dust, totally useless.
How about selling or trading in your old cell phone & help reduce eWaste on Earth?
Fast & Free shipping. Hey, donate your old cell phones to Charity.

I have wondered many times why there are not more active companies to participate in a project of this nature, cell phone trade in. I’m so glad to see some jumping in! I really wish there was more access to to cell phone recycling. Cell phones are everywhere, so why aren’t cell phone donation boxes?

With Flipswap, you get paid to recycle your old cell phone. It’s fast and free (including shipping). Search below to find out how much your cell phone is worth. Use the search box on the Flipswap site! Trade in your cell phone , or make a cell phone donation using FlipSwap

Most people don’t know what to do with their old cell phones when they upgrade, so they keep them. Until recently, that was the end of the line. When you got a new phone, you would just throw the old one in a drawer. Before you knew it, you had 5-6 perfectly functional phones rattling around in there. That’s where Flipswap comes in. Flipswap gives old cell phones a second life. Read more

  • Flipswap is Free
  • The trade-in service is free for consumers and retailers with excess phones. Flipswap pays for shipping and handling. No catch. No bait and switch. No kidding.
  • Flipswap is Easy
  • Do you have 2 minutes? Just click on the Flipswap site, learn the value of your phone, and use the prepaid shipping label to mail in your phone. Your payment will arrive in about three weeks.
  • Flipswap is Green
  • And so are you, by helping to keep cell phones out of landfills. Your phone will be put back to use. If not, the parts will be recycled in the making of new products. So don’t sell your cell phone. Send it to us and feel good – and green.