Petz On Nintendo DS


How does it sound to have a pet that you could adopt and raise – a variety of pets that love games?
Would help instill responsibility and nurturing with your kids, and won’t leave hair on the carpet, or couch. You can! And you don’t have to worry about leaving the pet home alone.

It’s all possible with Petz!

Petz Dogz Talent Show Nintendo DS GameRated E for everyone – With comic mischief. The Petz line is geared for girls, ages 6-12. And in our case, Mom’s too! My daughter and I play ds games together. Each with our ds, we game across the room from one another. Playing more games than usual since the weather has been cold.

Take care of your dogz, play with them and keep them happy.
Teach them funny, silly tricks, like skateboarding, 360 jumps and obstacle courses.Petz Nursery Nintendo DS Game
Unlock harder training courses and tricks as you progress.
Send your dog to Petz Nursery or send them from Petz Nursery to Dogz Talent Show to continue to watch them grow. Ubisoft’s Petz® line of games allows young players to care for adorable pets, from dogs and cats to panda bears and hamsters. Through a very interactive interface, kids can engage in a variety of fun activities while learning responsibility. All Petz games are rated E for everyone, so they’re safe games for kids to play and built for kids from the ground up. It’s no surprise then that Petz is the best-selling, #1 pet-simulation brand on the market!

Petz is availabe on a variety of game platforms, and has several games that will interest your daughter. Great games, age appropriate, and interactive!

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