Potluck Survival Guide

Potluck Survival Guide – Care & Feeding of the Athletic Supporter by Cherle Kimmons

Date of Tour: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blog Tour, Product/Book Name: Potluck Survival Guide by Cherie Kimmons

Price: $18.96, regularly $24.95

Put out by: Five Star Publications



This cookbook is such a treat.  I’m not one for fancy foods or foods I don’t have in the pantry.  Potluck Survival Guide contains a lot of recipes that are quick an painless.  Recipes that can be used to use up left overs, making less waste and less on the grocery budget.   There is even a recipe I’m making for Christmas Dinner.  Avocado Salsa, looks really good and will make a good start for Christmas snacks.

Potluck Survival Guide is good for any family that is in a hurry, cooking with what they have on hand, or for a potluck!  It’s always fun to have a potluck party and take something new and different.  I think the book is very worth it’s money and that it will got a lot of usage.  Mine has become my favorite right next to my mom and both of my grandmothers cookbooks.