Bottled Up Designs Reclaim Your Valentines Heart Review


Olive_Hoop_Earri_4a84246d46c95_200x200Since my family’s decision to green our selves up, and to do what we can to reduce our carbon foot print, we’ve come across some great companies.  Companies that are so creative that you sit back in awe.  Bottled Up Designs , Recycled Glass Jewelry is one of those companies.  Their recycled glass jewelry is handmade in Pennsylvania from antique glass and bottles, reclaimed from the natural wooded habitats and rural farmlands.  Each piece comes with “The Story of the Glass” detailing what the glass was originally and the approximate age.

I’m accused of being too deep at times but honestly I think this is so neat and a thoughtful idea.  Each piece is a unique way to “Preserve History, While Helping The Future”.  This really hits home.  My grandparents lived in rural Pennsylvania where there were abandoned mines and areas and we’d go Pink_Willow_Rect_4a314b800bbc8_200x167investigating and find way cool treasures that were once trash.

Laura, the owner and artist of Bottled Up Designs most certainly has an eye for pretty glass with visions of what it could be in her head.  Her website has a list of the types of jewelry she makes as well as the types of glass she has to make those pieces.
Laura, was kind enough to send me a ruby glass necklace that I love.  Each time I wear it I’ve been thinking of my grandparents and my cousin, brother, and sisters investigating to find a treasure.  Bottled Up Designs can give a heartfelt gift to your Valentine, that will be enjoyed many more years.

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