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I really don’t make many posts directed at anyone, usually I stay with posts that are self based, on our home life, often times razzing my dearest friend Joie. Or a poke at my sister that reads faithfully. You know, keeping it light, and airy a bit of fun.

We take what we have, and we work with it, as it’s handed along to us. Then we make it fun, and airy, and it’s not always easy. I want you guys to meet Kayla. She’s 6 years old. I asked her Mother (Sandra) what Kayla’s likes and dislikes are. Her dislikes are monsters, the dark, and heparin. A 6 year old knows what heparin is. That took a blow to me, that I really can’t put into words. I can’t imagine my kids knowing what that word means, lets alone what it does. Wow. That really wrenches me. She’s six years old.

You see, Kayla has ALL, which stands for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Kayla is a very bright, and smart 6 year old young lady. And DUDE! Look at this picture. Have you ever seen a child that looks so much like her Daddy? Just call her a mini-me. Heh’!

Kayla's FamilyI Want To Pinch Her Cheeks!

There are a few things that bother me. One of course is that Kayla is sick, and got her hopes all up in the air for going home, only be called back within an hour of arriving home. See the below that her Mom posted on Facebook, and before you read ANY farther, I am not asking, or telling anyone to send money, or extravagant gifts. I am asking for us to bind together and get a card from as far as we possibly can to Kayla. I think she deserves that, and I want her to have a post mark from everywhere! Now, when I started this mission, I hadn’t read on Sandra’s Facebook page, see below.

Thursday 2:27PM via Facebook Status Updates

Kayla and Jimmy just got home. Now they have to go back down and she is being admitted again. She is neutropenic (no immune system) and had beacteria in her blood. It seems like she is home for an hour and then they call. Jimmy didn’t even unpack. We have no gas money, no money for food. And they expect us to keep goin…g back and forth. There isn’t even words for how frustrated I am.

Honestly and truthfully from the bottom of my heart, I can not imagine this battle with one of my children, and there are so many parents like Sandra, and so many little darlings like Kayla.

Please, at the very least have one of your kids draw a picture for Kayla, decorate or make a card, stickers would be awesome. Those lick and stick tattoo’s are always a huge hit with little ones. Things that’ll fit in an envelope. Make a list in the comments if you think of other things, and if you don’t mind, leave us a comment here so we can let Kayla know that she has happy mail coming to brighten her day! Take note that she has a brother, he’d love a card and stickers too, but I’m sure Kayla is the sharing kinda’ gal.

If any of you have questions, please feel free to leave those here. Joie and I will be happy to get answers for you.

Here is more information about Kayla’s illness.

She has ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)
She is scheduled to go in to Maintenance as soon as her ANC gets to 750. But she is still neutropenic. How chemo works is it kills all cells, it doesn’t care what kind of cell you are. It kills red cells, white cells and platelets (the cells that help clot blood.) When all of the counts are down it is very easy for the child to catch a cold or anything for that matter. So somehow she has bacteria in her blood and is at the hospital getting antibiotics right now. She also has C-Diff, which is a colon infection. So she is in isolation and they don’t have a “go home” day yet. Hopefully it will be in a few days.
Once she is in maintenance she will be getting lower volumes of chemo. So she might be able to return to school. but it all depends on how she does with the chemo. She has been very sensitive to every stage of treatment so it really is no surprise that she was hospitalized. It’s pretty much a given when the ANC goes to 0, that she is going to go to the hospital.

ANC – Absolute Neutrofil Count aka immune system
Neutropenic – 0 ANC

Once again for clarification – I am only asking that you send cards and fancy postmarks to Kayla. If your kids like to write or draw … then hey wouldn’t it be cool to hook up with a new pen pal? My daughter has plans on writing Kayla. We’ll see what we at my house can put together for such a darling.

Kayla Gronley
P.O. Box 5634
Blue Jay, Ca 92317
Insert a witchy giggle here, ’cause I JUST found out she likes Witches! Awww! Her favorite movie of all time is Hocus Pocus.

Favorite colors are pink and purple. She loves Animal Planet and any animal, Disney Princesses and Cats

Ok – So I have yet another edit or update. Whatever you may choose to call it. Tammi from My Organized Chaos just pointed out to me, that not only does darling Kayla have a battle, but her Daddy does too. Kind of puts a whole new twist on my post! Jimmy is battling Hodgkins Lymphoma, he was diagnosed 2 days before Kayla.

I’m at a loss from words. This family is truly affected by cancer. Card shower for all, yes?

Extra super special thanks to those on Twitter! If you would like to send a tweet feel free to copy and paste this one or one of your own.

PLS RT send a card to a little girl w/leukemia:


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