Five Accessories Eco & Valentine Friendly Review

Five Accessories is helping to change the world with five dollars at a time.   Helping their customers to shop fair trade shops with socially conscious handbags and jewelry.  Five Accessories helps countries such as:   Bali, Guatemala, Honduras, Cambodia, and Inda with their needs by shopping  consciously.Pop Tab BraceletTheir wide range of products are resourceful and neatly made.  Their hand bags come in a wide range of sizes and are eco chic!  They have household decor  for the house as well.  Their really neat photo frames will look nice in any room of your house, and will become a positive conversation piece.  The jewelry they carry is a fashion statement and can be worn proudly, while informing  your friends your jewelry is helping you save the eco system.

Five Accessories has a Contest on their website.  Select designers will be highlighted and profiled on the Five Accessories website, and their goods will be offered for sale.  They want their users to enter the contest, by uploading their work on their website.  They are looking for product pciture mainly.  If you have more than one file to submit they ask that you please zip the file before subminting.

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