What Do You Do When …

WorryHave you ever been so passionate about someone or something that you make yourself sick with worry? Worry yourself to tears? It’s hard to sit back and watch someone make a bad choice, maybe not a bad one but one that certainly is not the best available. It makes me want to slap their rose colored glasses right off their face. Shake them and say SEE LOOK AT THIS!

It just doesn’t work this way.

You know of a particular someone who doesn’t have the best track history, you’re forced to give him or her the benefit of the doubt and you can feel it sneaking up to smack you around. Well, I’m running out of the benefit, and the doubt is screaming and waving it’s red flag. I can’t make the other person in this situation see that there is a problem, a very big problem. Not having (or keeping) a job is a real problem. For anyone. It’s reality.

Especially when these choices are not only bad choices, but choices for an infant, or a child of any age. Choices that affect someone you love so much. I do my best to stay out of other people’s business, or personal affairs, yet this situation strikes close to home, and very close to my heart.

How do/would you handle it?

Got any suggestions?

I’m open to about anything. Be it your opinion and experience, or links to articles for reference.


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