Building Memories With Journals Unlimited

Journals Unlimited

I’ll  warn you this is a precious memory for me and it makes me a bit teary.  Journals Unlimited carries all types of note pads and Journals Unlimitedjournals.  I didn’t know there were  journals that weren’t a blank book with lines.  Journals Unlimited has the journal to suit your needs.  Some of the full sized journals, some are small custom journals and more.

First lets start with their Online Exclusives.  The Special Teacher Journal can be personalized with the text you want.  What a great end of the year gift this would make for any teach.  Teachers need incentive and need to know they are appreciated and this is a great gift.

The “Write It Down” Series is a line of theme journals.  The full sized journals  have over 60 titles.  Journals Unlimited are their most popular line with so many great titles its hard to choose just one.  The midsize journals measure 3.5″x8.5″ are great on the go.  The mini journals are pocket size and easy to throw into the smallest purse.

The color journals come in a rainbow of colors and fun subjects.  This is the point that gave me an “ahh ha” moment.  I recently found Journals Unlimitedone at a friends vacation home and when their family visits everyone is asked to write a paragraph or page.  What great memories this is creating for future generations.

Their Notepad Series is awesome.  They cover a lot of subjects and these great pads are even affordable.  These little helpers are great with some of these subjects.

  • Babysitter Notepad
  • Meal Planners Notepad
  • Travel Checklist Notepad
  • and lets not forget a Honey Do list

Lastly, my eldest son golfs in the summer with my dad.  I got them a golf journal to share memories with one another.  This little journal comes with great prompting for information like The Course Name, Location and Memorable Events.  This little journal will come to be treasured between both my dad and my son.