The Friendship Stone

The Friendship StoneI was probably around 14 years old when I seen my first Tigers Eye stone. It caught my attention and has stayed with me through the years, now as an adult I still love that particular stone. I’m personally fond of the smaller Tigers Eye stones.

Cathy Riff, the founder and president of Friendship Stone discovered the splendor of the sem-precious Tiger’s Eyes while in South Africa. Depending on their angle the stones’ colors and striations seemed to change. Reminding her that difficulties are often eased by a simple shift in perspective. She purchased several stones to grace her fathers gravesite, and others for her home where continued to marel at them.
She loved the idea of a stone being passed along as a reminder of the importance of friendship, the power of a positive attitude, and the pleasure of giving.
The Friendship Stone - Friendship Desk Stone
Giving the gift of a Friendship Stone is more than a gift, it’s a keepsake. The stones can worn, carried in the pocket, or displayed. Each one includes a brochure explaining its meaning and origins, and a blank gift card printed with the stone’s distinctive insignia.

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