Special Note From The Witches


I’m so sorry that I must cover this subject but due to recent events it has to be addressed.

1.  Some of our users are leaving their Twitter links and they are incorrect when we check them.  Please make sure you leave your link with no typo or do @networkingwitch.  If it doesn’t work we will be forced to delete it, but I suspect Twitters new retweet may play a part in some of this but I’m unsure.

2.  You MUST verify your Feedburner email when signing up or it doesn’t count.  The number that do not verify is small but it can keep you from winning a giveaway if it hasn’t been verified.

3.  We do check our Feedburner subscriptions so please make sure you leave or use the email address that you signed up with so we can verify.  We DO NOT give out your email addresses.  We do give it to the sponsor if you are a winner in case they need to contact you.

4.  Please do not post “I want this”, “I want to win this”,  or any other comment not pertaining to your entries as they do not count and will be deleted.

5.  Lastly, Redneck Witch and I work hard to bring our readers a variety of products and items.  If we do not like or have an issue with a sponsor it will not appear here.  It is handled privately and professionally.  We do NOT post positive information for products that we don’t like or don’t work.  We do at times switch items with one another  because everyone’s opinion is different and many times Redneck Witch likes things I don’t and vise versa.

Please DO email us if you have a problem or issue with a sponsor.  Prizes can take up to 6 weeks to be received.  If you haven’t received by that time please email us so we can track down the issue.  Behind the name of a sponsor are real human people who care about the products they are providing.  They generously support Networking Witches and provide our readers with information and giveaways.

Thank you!



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