KettleWorx Ultra 5 Work Out Program

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This is our best package and includes everything you need at tremendous savings!

KettleWorx Ultra starts with the Six Week Body Transformation – an easy, step-by-step program that guides you through six weeks of personal training. 4 DVDs: Intro, Cardio, Core, Resistance.

KettleWorx Ultra 5 also includes:

  • A FREE 5-pound kettlebell – KettleWorx Premium Kettlebell
  • The Ultimate Body Sculpting Collection – on 4 DVDs
  • Fast Abs – 1 DVD
  • Fast Fat Burn – 1 DVD
  • Fat Free in 42 – a 6 week healthy eating guide (e-Book format)

This package includes a 5-pound kettlebell.

Changing your life starts with changing your life style.  I’m working hard to take myself back to what I did before having my kids.  I have had the opportunity to try KettleWorX Fitness Program.  First the Disclaimer, do not ever start an exercising routine without first checking with your doctor.  The information provided here is provided by KettleWorX and my own personal opinion.

I like these exercise dvds.  They are new and different.  I started with the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and then I’ve had to repeat the same ones for a bit until I have them down pat.  I’m old and it’s going to take some patience for me to get back in shape.

Kettle Worx is a program that uses the kettlebell as a tool to deliver Cardio, Core and Resistance all in short 20 minute workouts.  Following the KettleWorx program for 20 minutes 3x a week in six short weeks will change your body in a positive way.

I agree.  This is fun and gets my ass off the couch and moving.  It is changing my mind from sit to get up and move dude.  You’re turning into a twinky.  I’ve been getting more house work done and getting out side and moving too.

This fitness program is fun for the family but don’t forget be safe!


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