Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief For Nintendo DS

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief for Nintendo DSThis game is great. Both of my kids, boy age 15, and daughter age 11 have played this game and it’s held their attention. My son has taken a spell where he hasn’t been very interested in games, so I was shocked when he stole my Nintendo DS to play this particular game! It’s pretty easy to navigate and play the game, each takes a turn with against the “bad guys”.

The thrilling and addictive tactical role-playing game is based on Rick Riordan’s acclaimed book series and 20th Century Fox’s eagerly anticipated movie Percy  Jackson & The Lightning Thief. Based on the first novel in the best-selling book series, Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief is set in a modern world where the twelve gods of Mount Olympus are alive and Percy Jackson, the teenage son of Poseidon, is suspected by Zeus of stealing his lightning bolt, the universe’s most powerful weapon.  Percy must prove his innocence, save his mother, and avoid a devastating war among the gods.

Assemble your perfect team, then match wits and strength against fantastical opponents from the pantheon of Greek mythology, including Medusa, Hydra, and Minotaur!

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Key Features:

• MYTHOLOGICAL BATTLES: Pit your team against fierce enemies and beasts from the Percy Jackson franchise.
• UPGRADES AND CUSTOMIZATION: An addictive leveling system lets you unlock new abilities and upgrades for all characters under your command.
• TEAMWORK WITH BUFFING AND HEALING: Work together as a team by helping each other with buffs and healing to earn devastating group attacks.
• EXPLORATION: From Camp Half-Blood to Olympus and beyond, travel through lands filled with evil creatures determined to prevent you from achieving your destiny.
• WINNING BATTLES AND COMPLETING QUESTS: Defeat enemies to achieve valuable items and experience points which increase the level and power of your characters.

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