The Simple Stencil Partnering With Barrels Of Hope For Haiti

I recently received the following information from The Simple Stencil and I think all too soon many of us have forgotten about the tribulations to Haiti and that this will be leaving the country devastated for years to come.  If you are able to give this is a very worth while project.

Barrels of Hope
Please Consider Friending Barrels of Hope


This is the current living conditions of the earthquake victims in Haiti- no more than cotton sheets to house entire families.

Dear Community Friends,

When we heard about the earthquake in Haiti and saw the devastation and desperation of people without shelter and water, the US Green Building Council Heart of Florida Chapter decided to make a difference. We created a committee to brainstorm a sustainable way to provide these essential resources for as many Haitian families as possible. Partnering with some local businesses experienced in sustainable solutions, our effort, named the Barrels of Hope, was created. We are seeking community support to begin bringing these desperately needed supplies to Haiti before the start of hurricane season.
Water distribution has long been a problem in Haiti, and many Haitians made
use of concrete cisterns, which were damaged and contaminated by the
earthquake. While bottled and distributed water has provided immediate relief
for the Haitians lucky enough to receive it, it creates waste and is not a
long term solution.
Barrels of Hope will deliver individual rain barrels and materials to begin
building what is known as an earthbag house. These structures are already
utilized in Haiti, and are proven to withstand earthquakes. In addition they are
relatively quick and easy to build, one family can be housed in a sturdy
transitional structure for a material cost of $300 and two days labor. Concrete
waste from the earthquake will be recycled and re-used to aid in the construction
of these shelters. This construction method allows everyone to contribute, from
young children to elderly grandparents . To learn more about this construction
method, please visit our website, Initiated by the Heart of Florida Chapter of the US Green Building Council, The Sustainable Design Group, and INDIGOGREEN BUILDING Solutions. Barrels of Hope is generating local publicity with the potential for national and even international attention which will increase as this effort gains momentum and projects are completed.
Please consider “Friending” a Family, Street, Neighborhood, Village, or Town, before the start of hurricane season or contact us if you have time to donate since we could use your talents with all of our upcoming events.

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