Beads and Baubles NY a Family Creation

Beads and Baubles NYAegean Princess

Beads and Baubles is made up of a Mother and her two daughters.  They make many beautiful jewelry creations that are created by the collaborative efforts of their family.  Since these creations are all hand crafted no two can ever be exactly the same.  Beads and Baubles is a proud member of Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America.
I cannot comment on all of their beautiful pieces because there are too many but I hope to give you some insight to their creations.  The time and effort it takes to create this jewelry line is a work of love.  The creativeness  makes me smile because it’s new and different.  This Royal necklace is called Aegean Princess and is perfect for Easter or Mothers Day, or any special occasion.

I was pleased to receive Three Times My Love from their Valentines Collection.  This special piece would Heartmake any girl’s heart flutter.  Now I don’t just open a package and say nice and shove it aside.  I take the piece I receive and look it over well.  I look at the colors, they workmanship,  and  this piece was made with love.  It can be worn with jeans or dressed up.

Beads and Baubles

Beads and Baubles doesn’t just have necklaces though.  Have a look at some of these great sets of earrings!  The ear threads are all simple but elegant and would make any woman feel lovely.  Hunting Moon as these ear wires are called are beauties!

Lastly Beads and Baubles has the right jewelry for your event and are guaranteed to be unique.  Their wide variety makes selecting the perfect piece difficult.  They have holiday jewelry  that will add finishing touches to your festive outfit and  they accept special requests!


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