Life Through The Eyes Of A Caregiver

I’d like to thank, Karen Wilson-Dooley- Freelance Writer for an amazing article she wrote titled “Blessed Are The Caregivers”. I had originally contacted her to assist and add my own information to her article. However I missed that she had provided me with a form to fill out with the information, I had been waiting for her to send  it to me. Call it a ” d’oh moment” if you would.

When she sent me the direct link to her article, I read it with smiles and tears. It’s all so familiar! I thought  to myself, “Thank you God, I’m not alone“.


I read her article late last night. And was so disappointed to find out that her allotted space was cut back (almost in half), for advertisements. A shame really. What she wrote was jaw dropping, inspiring even admirable. And she spoke the truth. Yet she’s tucked away in the pages of a magazine. No matter where her article is, it’s grand! And I’d love for everyone else to read it as well.

You may be wondering why this article touched me so deeply. Well, it’s because I am a caregiver. And it’s hard to do. Some people may be a caregiver on a short term basis, or maybe a few hours a day. Yet there are many of us that do it full time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We’re “on call”, with little or no pay, no off days and no vacation days. So there’s something that keeps us going, right?


And a lot of them. Perhaps it’s our “fuel”?

Love, anger, fatigue, exhaustion, agitation, loneliness, fear, depression, anxiety, sadness just to name a few.

I’m thinking I’m going to break this into a series of posts. I want to get some other thoughts, and opinions from those of you that have, or are walking this mile. Feel free to email me from our About Us Page, or even comment here if you’re comfortable doing so. I think I’ll put together a few other things for my next post in regards to Caregivers, our trials and tribulations.

I’d like to share a part of Karen’s article with you all. A poem.

Courtesy Of Karen Wilson-Dooley - Freelance Writer

Courtesy Of Karen Wilson-Dooley – Freelance Writer

Thank you Karen for your article. And if there is anything you would like to add, I would be happy to invite you to a guest post here on

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