Economics of Small Towns

Great Depression

I see the news, and see the stats, and I have lost my faith in all the newspapers and magazines that I used to think reported truth.  I am  unfortunatly no longer sub’d to the Wall Street Journal who I think were secretly in w/ the puffy penguins ringing the Dow bell.  Come on people grow up you don’t have to video your self ringing the bell.  Get your ass up ( YES freaking stop watching PORN)  and take some action and see how opportunities will open up to you.Rise and Fall of Money

I am a lowly mom in a small town.  Our economy has been hit hard.  We lost little factories that made windshields for cars, that did engineering for cars, then there was the huge debacle with the policemans bullet proof vests.  Bad decisions by corporates trickled down and now small town America is in trouble.

City folk <— that’s somethin Rose would say, will pull out of this.  The upswing of the economy is going to hit them first.  Not that it will be a breeze but mostly here we take care of our own.  Our food banks and Mana project are mostly funded by ME and YOU and every other person who is in the lower middle class.  Oh and most in our area grow their own food and share with others SHARE!

Somewhere the middle class *poof* and it was gone.  Then it was left as the haves and have nots aka rich and poor.  Now you may not think I have a lot but I think I’m loaded.  I don’t have money, fancy car (dang mine is still in the shop lol), but what I do have is a family I love, kids that are great and not into drugs and a weekend off is us working on the house and yard with maybe a friend or two.
So I’m lost in this post because my head is swimming with tons of caffeine.  (I will post about my New Keurig later) but basically here is my point.  The economy may be getting better but it’s going to be a long time before the little people <– US are going to see the results.  The things we found safety in before this whole thing  and downfall started are either no longer there or you shouldn’t  be puttin’ your eggs in their basket anymore.

There are going to be tons of offers that are too good to be true and that’s exactly what they are they are too good to be true and will bring the economy up for a short time for an even bigger fall later.  So enjoy what you have and in enjoy family and friends.  Instead of going out for dinner have a potluck at your house and you won’t regret it.