Motorola Mom Phone Must Haves


Mom phone must-haves:

1.     Camera, video, Facebook, etc. – How else can you immediately show your friends and family how awesome your child is? Moms are even better off if they have MOTOBLUR, the social network aggregator that makes everything accessible on your home page on a number of Motorola phones. No need to go in and out of menus to Twitpic one thing or upload a video on Facebook.

2.     GPS – Children + new summer activities and places + running errands = navigation nightmare. A phone with GPS or mapping capabilities, or a standalone GPS device like MOTONAV TN700, is perfect to plan fast routes and never get lost with a car packed with kids.

3.     BluetoothBuckle your seat belt and turn on the headset – Not only is it illegal in many states to “talk, text and drive” but it’s also terribly unsafe. Make sure your phone has Bluetooth and think about the latest headsets (like Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak) that will read incoming texts into your ear and send automatic “I’m driving, call you later” responses.

4.     Apps and Widgets – Kids can get fussy, so moms should have a phone with game capabilities that can keep them busy and quiet at a moment’s notice. Hand over your BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR – or any Motorola Android phone, complete with thousands of apps and widgets on the Android Market, and your child will be entertained for hours!

5.     Remote wipe – phones get lost or stolen, and with it goes all your personal photos, videos, contacts, emails, etc. With remote wipe you can log on to your account from any computer and erase the information on your lost phone. Simply enter your ID on your next MOTOBLUR phone and your contacts and networks will load automatically.

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