07/20/10 Oreck Platinum Pilot Vacuum With 360 Degree Glide Giveaway

Oreck Pilot

I have needed a new vacuum for quite a while.  Our home which is almost finished for the first time in more years than I want to share.  I want to keep my new carpeting and the carpeting that is in our bedrooms looking great.  I recently received an Oreck, Platinum Pilot with 360 Degree Glide and I also received the Ultimate Handhled Vac.  I’m amazed and that is an understatement at the difference the two have made in our home.
Oreck XL Platinum PilotHave you ever turned on your vacuum and seen a little poof of dust?  To make cleaning effective, faster and easier takes a cleaning machine.  Cleaning time flies with the new Oreck Platinum Pilot Vacuum Cleaner with 360 Degree Glide that combines a new degree of maneuverability with light weight, effective dirt pick-up and allergen control.
Oreck XL Platinum Pilot
The Oreck Platinum Pilot means direct suction ultimate power.  With the 360 Degree Glide you effortlessly turn corners and move closer to furniture.  The Oreck Platinum Pilot lays virtually flat to fit easily under furniture.  Works great on stairs and glides easily in and out of small spaces.  A re-engineered, powerful pile-lifting roller brush cleans carpet better than ever, but best of all it’s unique ball-joint and pivot connection guides the vacuum exactly where you need to go.

First I was afraid to try the Oreck, Platinum Pilot.  I was afraid I was going to break it.  It was so new and beautiful, so I started up the Ultimate Hand Held Vac.  Let me tell you you this is small, light weight and handy.  I didn’t think I was going to like it.  You know the drill getting it out plugging it in attaching the wand and attachments.  It is so easy to get out and light weight that I went through the whole house and vacuumed my ceiling and around all of the molding.  It was fantastic.  I then moved on to the floor molding.  Pet hair?  Gone!  Dust? Gone!  I didn’t even know how dirty these areas were until they had been vacuumed.

Oreck XL Platinum Pilot

Next the real test.  The Oreck, Platnium Pilot.  I started it up, I had everything picked up and made sure nothing was in its way, because I didn’t want to risk harming it.  I started it up and dang if I didn’t have to hang on tight.  Oreck deffinitely lived up to it’s name.  My huge oriental carpet is spotless.  I thought part of it was stained and it wasn’t it was just ground in dirt.  Now I’m not saying it’s going to suck up stains but I am saying on my carpet some of it was just ground in dirt.

Hand Held
Then I moved on to our boys room where we put down office carpeting so they could still run their cars and remote controlled items.  It sucked up the dirt with no effort from me.  You gently turn the vacuum from the handle with the 360 Degree Glide and it moves around small, tight spaces.  It turns corners  like no vacuum I’ve ever seen.  My diningroom has never been cleaner.  It is so nice not to leave stuff behind for the dog.  Thomas didn’t need those extra calories anyway.

Since that first day I have put it through many tests, all tougher than the first day.  It has passed them all including picking up dirt and pet hair from the baseboard sides.  Picking up normal things that fall to the floor like bits of paper and threads.  To keep your Oreck running well though I wouldn’t try picking up large items of any sort.

Some things I almost forgot…… This unit with out the cord weighs 10 pounds.  It twists and turns with just a flick of the wrist.  The handle is ergonomically-designed.  it has two speeds.  High speed helps it clean deep pile carpet, while the low speed is gentle enough to clean Oriental and Persian rugs.  It has a 30 foot cord.    Lastly this witch prefers the Oreck Platnium Pilot to a broom (J/K I’m not witch)!

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