Juice Beauty SPF 20 Mineral Medium Moisturizer

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty has a mission to bring authentically organic, high efficacy and pleasurable beauty solutions to people worldwide.  Juice Beauty is innovative organic beauty solutions that provide healthy lifestyles and whose organic products are back by powerful science.

Founder Karen Behnke, was a serial wellness entrepreneur, who built one of the first corporate wellness companies in the country.  She subsequently bought the name “Juice Beauty” and launched the Company.  Juice Beauty is the organic solution for healthy, radiant skin, and hair.

I was recently able to try their SPF 20 Mineral Medium Moisturizer.  It comes in Sheer Moisturizer, Light Moisturizer, and Medium Moisturizer.  I need the medium due to the coloring of my skin.  This offers light coverage in color but 20 SPF in Sunscreen.  SPF 20 is great for running errands and in your home but I think I would have to purchase one of their higher SPFs for the beach or being exposed outside for a long period of time.  This product is not greasy nor is it runny like many organic items.
Juice Beauty
I wanted to make note of the fact that Juice Beauty has a 100% Certified Organic Juice Base.  Most beauty products that use “organic” in their marketing use only a few organic ingredients in a water base, making the total organic content dilute and often less than 5%.  A 100% certified organic product not only gives you spf safety but also gives you product safety and means no parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene and other harmful chemicals.


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