Bark n Bark Transport Your Pet Safely


Bark n Bag carries a nice selection of pet totes.  Their Comic Pet Tote has cute cartoon strip on the outside, has a removable interior leash strap, roomy exterior zippered pocket, and two fur friendly mesh panels for venelation.  The Monaco Tote comes in a varietComic_groupy of colors.  Fits a pet up to 12″ long nape to tail and 7″ high-nape to floor up to eight pounds.

I received a Carrier One in Brown for review.  I’m so pleased to have it because when we take our cats in to the vet clinic they are hopping through the car and trying to get out.  This pet carrier fits one of them easily.  This carrier, carries a maximum of 16 pournds.  This features a porthole venelation on four sides, generous shoulder straps/handles, removable comfor pad.
Bark n Bag allows you options for safely transporting your pets.  Pets are part of our family and they need to be protected during small or long trips.  Taking your pet from the car to the vet can also be dangerous because a spooked cat or dog can wiggle free.   Bark n Bag Carriers are airline approved.  All airlines have different requirements  so check with them in advance.  Bark n Bag Totes are not airline approved.  they are designed to be a fashionable functional accessory.


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