Small Town, Bad Food, Michael Moore

I’m exhausted and pooped out but in a good way.  We have had company constantly since mid June.  We have been very lucky to see both sides of our family from out of town.  We usually don’t stop and smell the roses in our own small town but have this year.  I had forgotten what a great area we live in and was reminded of that when my Aunt and Uncle were here.  I was disappointed though when we visited our favorite restaurants and had poor service and poor food.

We live in a resort area and many companies are only open until October.  It was very disappointing to take our company out and spend hard saved money on meals that were terrible.  When visiting restaurants with a large party you expect to have the gratuity built in to your bill.  I understand this but what made me mad is a 20% gratuity was added to our bills and the service was terrible.

3 people at our table order the “special of the night”, prime rib.  We arrived at 6:30 pm and they were out.  THEN after our dinners arrived and 2 tables behind us were served prime rib or did I mention they arrived and ordered after we did?    The explanation was they called ahead and ordered it.  What the hell?   These restaurants have famous people visit them yet our food never arrived all at once, I’m talking over 1/2 hour between when the first meal was served and the last plate placed  for  a party of 9.

Our friend finally received his dinner last night and right away the waitress returned wanting us to order dessert.  My aunt and our friend were the only takers.  He ordered plain vanilla ice cream and they forgot it.  Another 15 minutes later he was served melted ice cream.  My aunt complained about the food and the service and the manager didn’t care and had a lot of excuses.  PS:  We won’t be back!

On another note…. I wasn’t really happy when Michael Moore moved to our closest large town, Traverse City.  I had only ever heard him ranting and carrying on.  When he arrived to stay though he bought our old “State Theater”.  Put a LOT of money into it and brought more tourism dollars to our area.  This in light of the fact that the car industry tanked, and all of our factories that are sprinkled around in small towns, and manufactured parts for cars lost their small town revenue.  Larry King Live, on CNN featured Michael Moore last night live from our small town, the “State Theater” alive once again with a Film Festival.  Michael Moore  has brought people from paupers to famous of all ages to enjoy some culture and help boost the economy.  This added with our local Cherry Festival our economy is working again and headed down the right road.  Is this a sign of recovery?

Not hardly, the car industry is junk to put it mildly.  The fat cats for each car company are the only ones making money.  Bail outs?  Paid off?  Not!  They seem to think that they can manipulate their pay as $1 while accepting private plane rides, all expense paid vacations, and lots of other things that we as normal people in the workforce are not receiving.  Then they whine that the company isn’t making money.  Aren’t paying out to the investors, so the chain reaction is… no one is going to buy stock, so they can’t hire more people and they can’t produce more or better cars.

What does this have to do with Michael Moore?  I really didn’t like him but now I understand his fights for causes he believe in.  He is a very good hearted person.  I don’t agree with all of his tactics and I don’t agree with all of his opinions but our fights are for the same cause and for the same reason.

Pssst!  I’ve included links so you don’t make the same mistakes we did and so that you can find out more about our great small town.  Our area is beautiful and on Lake Michigan.  Do you need a vacation?

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