Sisterly Savings , Save More While Spending Less

I have happened across a site called Sisterly Savings.  It caught my eye right away.  Besides the savings part “sisterly”.  When my sister lived near me we would clip coupons, go to the stores, and had a little game of who could save the most.    Jennifer at Sisterly Savings is a stay at home mom to 3 kids.  Dec 2007, with the intentions of chronicling her great deals and free shopping  grew into a group to help women stretch their hard earned dollars.  Although Sisterly Savings was created to help moms all over find great deals and freebies.  The women in your group become your sisters in savings.

Sisterly Savings is so much more than your standard coupon site.  They have sweeps, freebies, and things that matter to us moms like Back 2 School Bargains, and Recipes.  Not only that but anything that falls into spending less and saving more can be found here.

I myself love the to get a double bang for my buck with the CVS, Rite Aid and Wallgreen’s Free after rebates or near free, and let us not forget Catalina chains!  Yeah baby those are sweet and can quickly earn mama a new pair of shoes.

Still have one in diapers?  Sisterly Savings has a Huggies Codes and Pampers Codes area which are hugely popular with newer moms.

To keep up to the minute with Sisterly Savings meet with them on Facebook and Twitter!

PS:  She’s super nice and you won’t be disappointed!

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