Morton Season All Salt

When I was a child my mother only bought Morton Salt.  Now raising my family I only buy Morton Salt.  Most especially iodized Morton Salt because I have a thyroid condition that requires it.

We also use Morton Season All.  We eat a lot of grilled meat and this this is the perfect spice, with a blend of salt, spices, paprika, black pepper, onion, and garlic it gives your food the perfect spice.  I sigh and roll my eyes at my husband who lives out of our garden.  He sprinkles it on our raw vegetables.

Here is my favorite simple way to use Morton Season All.  6 Ears of corn, shucked, and wrapped in tin foil and put on the grill, rotating every few minutes.  Remove from heat after 10 minutes.  Put a pat of butter on each piece and sprinkle with the Morton Season All.

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