Restless Heart? or Just Need a Vacation?

I have been all over the world.  Before having my kids of course.  There are a few states I haven’t been to that I’m dying to see, California, Oregon, and Washington State.  Washington State with it’s beautiful scenery (my aunt lives there) makes me want to become a mountain climber or hiker.  Neither of which usually appeal to me.  I so want to go to the outdoor markets and just chill.

I think Oregon river rafting sounds like a lot of fun and is the perfect excitement for me.  I’m not overly fond of camping but I think I wouldn’t mind.  When I think of Oregon, I think colors of green.  The numerous shades just ease my head and would be fun and relaxing.

California has me torn, I haven’t seen the Pacific Ocean and would love to.  I would love to have my picture taken with the Hollywood sign as the back drop.  Why?  I don’t know its just something I think would be cool.  I would love to visit the wineries and compare them to those here in Northern Michigan.    The bridges aren’t much interest to me but the National parks certainly are.  I would love to find an out of the way place on the ocean and chill.  No pushing shoving  or tourism (I get enough of that here).    Oh yeah before I forget  I want to see the Hollywood Stars.  I’m not star struck as in people, we have those here too.  I just think it would be neat to walk and think of all the history.

I just suddenly have a yearning to begin traveling again.  Maybe turning 40 has reminded me that life is short and we need to enjoy every day.  I was think last night of where we used to have our concerts with big names in the 80’s, Castle Farms.  No joke it was a real castle and still is but is now a place for weddings.  I regress sorry.  I was wondering if all those big names that came to stay here actually got to see our beautiful area or if they plopped their ass on stage, sang and took off.  I do know Rod Stewart enjoyed our area and sang at a local bar for fun.  A couple of the sings now have homes here too!

Pssst I haven’t been to Utah either but I think it sounds too dang hot!