Namaste Inc. BUDDY Case

Namaste is a family owned and operated company.  They pride themselves on providing customer service that is prompt, personal, and friendly, while offering products and accessories that are hip, innovative and fashion forward.

I received a BUDDY Case from Namaste’s Cali Collection.  BUDDY cases are an accessory for little items for personals, crafting, or travel notions to keep them together and from getting lost.  The BUDDY case features a hidden magnetized interior wall to keep your metal items in place, a removable interior divider, and is made of the lush animal friendly faux leather.  It has a snap button closure.

I received this sweet little case in turquoise.  It is small and will even fit into your purse.  I am forever losing earrings and my rings because I pull them off and throw them in my purse.  The BUDDY Case from Namaste lets me put the small items in and keep them safe.  The little divider helps keep jewelry separate from other small objects you need.  The case has a leather feel but is faux leather.  It feels sturdy and durable.  The color ranges:  Black, Charcoal, Eggplant, Hollywood Pink, Lime, Olive, Peacock, Red and Turquoise, enables you to get one in each color to mix and match with your purse.

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