FriXion Erasable Pens & Highlighters For Back To School

Remember the erasable pens of the 80s?  Ok, so some of you may not be that old but they didn’t erase the ink very well.  Fast Forward 20 years (or more), and you will find not just and erasable pen but an erasable highlighter as well.

Pilot has out done them self with their new FriXion line of Erasable pens.  The pen rolls smoothly across the paper, which is a must for me.  Make a mistake?  Not a problem erase it.  I erases so well, and much better than pencil my daughter chimed.

I seriously had my doubts on the highlighter.  It erased just as well.  I am impressed and excited.  FriXion erasable pens and highlighters are on my kids list and mine.  I do a lot of writing and this is going to be my new must have.

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Thank you to FriXion & SheSpeaks for providing me with test pens for this review.  This is my opinion and it was not influenced by FriXion or She Speaks.