09/25/10 Z Wind Ups – Noggin Bops – Spookies!

Halloween is coming up fast and my husband and I met 1/2 way.  We’re going to have a fall harvest party and kids can come dressed up.  We’re going to have party favors and sugar (after all we’re sending them home!

For the harvest party I want our friends to go through and pick everything they would like out of our garden before we till it under.  For the kiddos we’re going to have some fun games and a small bonfire.  One of our party favors is from Zwindups.com I received Noggin Bops “Spookies’.  These are super cute and fun.

Wind the Z Wind Ups and watch them dance.  Wrapper is the mummy, he has ample bandages to keep you from being too spooked.  Drac, looks like he’s coming to get you.  Cover that neck.  Skully is a green skeleton who looks almost hollow.  This Frankenhead is built wear and he certainly doesn’t lose his head.  Jack-O-Bop is a sweet little guy with a pumpkin head.  Last but certainly not least is Cackle the Witch.  She resembles Redneck Witch so she has a fondness in my heart.

Think of the fun you can have with little trick or treaters.  Of course we have to do a giveaway to spread the fun!

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Z Wind Ups Winner is Comment #77 Kevin