Kaia House Natural Products

Kaia House is home to the Purest Skin on Earth.  Their name like their philosphy is based on purity and knowledge that modern day demands on our skin.  Unlike traditional beauty stores, they believe in bringing only the best from both advanced science and ancient natural remedies to their consumers.

I had the pleasure of sampling Kaia House Cranberry Blemish Clearing Cleanser for acne prone skin.  I used this for me!  With the changing weather here and swimming in Lake Michigan my skin get blotchy.  I had an issue with the “T” zone. (Shhh I don’t reallly want to share that part)  The Cranberry Blemish Clearing Cleanser is packed with powerful extracts that help calm skin and control excessive sebum which leads to both hormonal and surface acne.

The other product I got to try was Kaia House Organics Shea Head-To-Toe.  This is 100% nautral and steamed for extra softness and spreadability.  This product is a great moisturizer/hair cream/lip balm/baby skin cream that is portable.  This is great for ski season and sunny beach vacations.  My thoughts on this is yes it works, and very well and is great to throw in your purse or travel bag as a multi use product.