What’s your music?

What is on your MP3 and what kind do you have?  Our family started with an iPod but it didn’t seem family friendly to work with.  We all have our own Zunes now.   We have movies, videos of the kids, and tons of music.  These are taken everywhere with us and they each have almost the same music on them.

My preferences are arena metal, rock, country, and even piano and some opera.  I’m not fond of Bluegrass Country or Twaning I lost my dog country. I fancy more of Big & Rich, Carrie Underwood and love love love Lady Antebellham.   My favorits are Kiss, Journey (ONLY with Steve Perry of course), Bon Jovi, Def Leopard, Foreigner.    The Beatles are great for mellowing out.  My favorites that are popular at the moment GO Fergie!  And has anyone noticed the Networking Witches Motto?

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