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You all may have read my posts Through The Eyes of a Caregiver. It’s an emotional roller-coaster, and this last week has been a doozy.You can also read more details on recent happenings on this post – *Updated Again 9/25* Please Say A Prayer – Rose

Mom has had a lot of incidents of chest pain, we would go to the ER, only to be told she has acid reflux and that the chest pain she was feeling was not her heart. Okay, that’s good news – sort of. So we have made many trips to the hospital lately. Wednesday she went to the Dr., had chest pains while she was there and the Dr. immediately had blood work done. Enzymes were high which meant that there was a possible “cardiac event”, so he had her sent to the hospital. Again we were discharged and told it was acid reflux.

Thursday morning Mom woke up and told me she was feeling really bad, had a horrible headache and chest pains. So off to the hospital we went. This time was different. After 7 hours in the emergency room we finally got a Dr. to listen and hear us that something was not right. After she as admitted we found out that Mom has gastroparersis.You can read a bit more about this on google health or on the Mayo Clinic website.

To make a long story short gastroparesis is a big word saying that part or all of the stomach is paralyzed. That her food sits in her stomach too long and isn’t pushed on through into the intestines as quickly as it should. This results in a few things, and right now for Mom it’s a lot of vomiting. What caused Mom to have gastroparesis is being diabetic. Nerve endings are affected by diabetes, such as loss of sensation in the legs. That loss of sensation extends beyond just the legs.

This week we were faced with a decision to either bring Mom home with decreased mobility, and there would have to be two of us with her at all times, or to send her to a nursing home for physical therapy for up to 20 days. I was not happy with those two choices which set me off into in an even bigger brew of emotions. Mom’s home is right here.

I think I’m kind of coming to terms with this, as long as it’s just for the 20 days for physical therapy to strengthen her so that she has her mobility back.

It’s so strange to be home, and Mom isn’t. I’m out of whack so to speak with the change. Today will be her first day at the “physical therapy center”, and I’m going out there to make sure she gets settled in, and isn’t afraid. I want to make sure her room is set up so she has a touch of home there with her all the time. My niece has already had her television, and her bedding items taken out there and set up for her. There are a few other things that need taken out for her to make sure she’s comfortable.

On the good side she’s going to be getting intense physical therapy, that she needs. She’s much closer to home there than she is in the hospital. I have gone through $90 in gas alone, the hospital is an hour and half drive – one way. The physical therapy center is in town, and a much shorter drive, around 20 minutes one way.

We’re zapped  emotionally, physically and financially.

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