Im More Organic Than Store Bought Written In My Best Hick Fashion

Winter has told me over and over “Rose, go green!”, I merely rolled my eyes behind my computer screen. When asked, I often tell people that my family and I live a rather simple life. But recently, I made the discovery that – I have always been green and very organic. How the heck did that happen? I guess I wasn’t paying attention.

It’s just what we do. The way we live. After thinking about this a lot recently, I think, maybe – just maybe – our family might be a bit more organic than others proclaim to be than what I thought.

Now why do I think this? Hang with me a moment would ya’? I know, I tend to get windy sometimes.

Chickens, we have raised our chickens, free range just because the fence had a gap. Yet we didn’t pay $4.00 for a dozen of organic, free range chicken eggs. If someone here doesn’t have chickens, then the neighbor always has too many eggs they don’t want to go to waste, so they pass 3 or 4 dozen of organic eggs on down the line.

Wild mushrooms, now don’t go off and pick any ole’ mushroom and eat it, some can and will kill you! My husband and the boys (my son and stepson) often take a hike in the woods either on foot or by 4wheeler in hunt of fresh mushrooms, best time they say is after it rains.

Fresh pork, because and this is the brutal truth the hog ticked my husband off, the dog ran the thing until it just couldn’t run any more but it wouldn’t run to it’s pen, and well, we had fresh pork. Processed at home.

Fresh beef, not free range because there are laws on that. If someone hits your cow, you’re in big trouble. And we didn’t have fresh beef because it got out, but there was that one time it was close, I’m still not sure who ended up with the crazy headed cow. Funny story, I’ll have to tell ya’ll about it sometime.

Fresh fish, need I say more? (run Nemo, run!) Have I shared any of our fishing photos? Just ask, I would be happy to start posting more .

Fall and winter months we often eat venison (deer meat as us hicks call it), totally free range and apparently people pay high dollar for the jerky. Folks in my neck of the woods don’t sell it, but they might give you a taste if you ask all nice like. If you’re kind and a good neighbor that has those organic chickens, well it’s pretty likely one of us will send one of the kids down the road with a deer ham, or if you sent a ton of eggs when we were in need, we’ll pass you a tenderloin. (for you city folk, that’s the absolute best meat from deer.)

Be forewarned, deer seasons are in, we take pictures of what we “bag”. (run Bambi run!)Yes, we. That means hubby, boys, daughter and wives. Heck rifle season here, school is even out. Kudos! Otherwise majority of the kids wouldn’t be at school, they want to put an organic dinner on the table that night. I’ll be posting pictures of deer seasons past and present in the coming months, don’t worry each post will come with it’s own warning, I know some people aren’t into that kind of thing. No problemo. 🙂

Now all of that meat I listed above is often taken care of at home, be it stew cut, ground, ham steaks, roasts, hams, jerky, etc,…

Minimal added salts, no preservatives, no hormones, frozen fresh from day one. No worries about who touched it, sneezed on it or dropped it.

When the time is right gardens are set out, not because we call it organic, but because we call it living. Survival even? And it’s all done together, granted the kids often complain but what don’t the kids complain about? If they complain too much they’ll be picking rocks out of the garden and that’s the crummy job. But no one minds when there’s fresh cabbage boiling with a side of fried taters and fresh sliced tomatoes.

I hear so many people screaming organic and have had this post on the tip of my tongue fingertips for awhile now. I guess to sum it up, our organics aren’t purchased at the store, and you won’t find it in our shopping cart. So how’s that for organic?

I’d really like to hear how ya’ll choose to live/eat green and organic.