Remember Our Soldiers & Give Them The Thanks They Deserve!

Although its neat to see the World Series winners be paraded around with the fans cheering, I wonder….Shouldn’t we do that for every single troop that comes home?  Be they dead, injured or a live they have paid.  I don’t like to say the “ultimate price” because there is no price on life.

Not only have these men given our country peace and worked hard to keep us free right here in our homeland, but so have the wives, mothers, fathers, and children.  This list goes on.  I seem to have fragmented thoughts today that I’m unable to put into smooth flowing words.  Can you seriously sit reading the computer, paper or book and think about our daily selfish thoughts when people are putting their lives on hold to get us through us.

I was at Amtrak and was honored to see that Amtrak seats our men in uniform after the ill and elderly.  As they (2 of them) got up to get on the train people started to clap.  That is the attention they should be given every day!

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