Where Has The Empathy Gone?

Where has the empathy gone?  Seriously, I was watching the news and it floors me the questions the press asks.  They fake empathy, I’m sorrys, and sympathy.  Maybe their questions should be answered with a question “How would you feel if……..” The press, whether a national news network or a rag magazine is going too far.

I can’t stand fakes and phonies.  Whether it is political figures, news, or other media outlets. I can’t stand the fact that celebrities want the news and press on them and then they mess up and want it to stop.  Make up your mind, you can’t have it both ways.  We as “Joe Plumbers” encourage the behavior of the press by buying their magazines, newspapers, and books.

Political figures?  They want to be looked up to.  Set mile stones that break new waters, and all the while NOT doing the job we elected them to do.  I don’t care if you’re gay, faithful, or anything else considered immoral.  I want to know if you’re doing your job and I want statistics.  I want statistics informing us as tax payers (Yes I know you forgot WE are paying your salary) if you are following through with campaign promises.

Let’s not forget our local news where  your neighbor is involved in an accident, and the coverage says “It isn’t yet known if alcohol was a factor”  WTH seriously you job is to report the facts NOT to make an assumption.  Last I heard the Constitution says you are innocent until proven guilty.

Lastly this, I am just as guilty as everyone else for watching the news, buying magazines, and being curious.  That fact is, most of the time it is none of my business or anyone elses.  IF you have REAL empathy or sympathy let the press know it is NOT ok to ask the questions that add salt to the wound.  The press wouldn’t ask the dumbass questions they do if it wasn’t selling air time.  Grow a pair and do what is right, instead of what is expected.  It takes one person to make a change.

PS: I have no images to add to this and this is my opinion and my opinion only.  That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!