Squinkies Cute Fun Favorites

Squinkies are a new toy quickly becoming a favorite!  These cute little figures are fun to play with and are sure to please any girl on your gift list.  Our family received the Gumball Surprise Playhouse.  Each squishy figurine or item fits in a little ball and can be conveniently stored in its gumball home.  2 small coins are included to get your items out of the gumball.

Squinkies come in dolls, kitties, puppies, babies and froggies.  There are hundreds to collect, and are going to become a trading item with kids.  These neat little items  fit as pencil toppers, and fashion forward jewelry accessories.    These collectibles will be your girl’s best friend.

Squinkies come in 16 figure bubble packs, jewelry bracelet and ring sets, jeweled cases, and fun themed playsets  with lots of surprises waiting for that special girl.  The Squinkies website has fun coloring pages on their website as well as lots of pictures of new and upcoming products.

Squinkies is brought to you by Blip Toys, a favorite of every child.  Squinkies are sure to be coming to a store near you in October, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Meijer, Amazon and Shopko.  Check out the Squinkies blog that is has a new post twice a week and you could win!