TinkerBell And The Great Fairy Rescue DVD

What could I do if I met a fairy? The first thing is I would ask her to please wave her magic wand so I could seen the trail of sparkles and the buoyancy of pixie dust. Then I would ask her to zap the house clean, laundry first. Okay, on to the movie.

TinkerBell And The The Great Fairy Rescue is about a little girl whose father has little time for her, bringing in a  touch of today’s world that many children today are faced with. The rush and life moving along so quickly.

Years before TinkerBell met Wendy, she met Lizzy. Lizzy is a little girl with a big belief in the power of pixie dust and the magic land of fairies.
The Fairies’ visit a seasonal flowering meadow of England when two very different worlds unite for the firs time. Tinker Bell discovers a very special bond with a sweet child that needs a friend.
When the fellow fairies launch into their daring rescue, Tink makes a risky move and puts herself and the future of all fairies on the line.

Exploding with excitement, the power of truth, faith and friendship Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue really is a magical moment for the whole family.

Two of my favorite quotes in regards to Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue are:

“A testament to Disney’s impressive production quality” – Premiere.com
“The kids are absolutely head over heels with the movie.” -TheParentsWithStyle.com

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