Transformers Power Core Combiners 5-pack

Welcome to the world of boys.  My boys have almost every Transformer ever made.  They never get old because they are constantly changing from a  vehicle to a robot and back.  Their imaginations run wild and I’m pleased to say that even my oldest son will get down on the floor and play with my youngest son.

The Transformers Power Core Combiners, by Hasbro introduce fans to an all new assortment of action figures.  These small bots are great to use with the larger transformers or to play on their own.  These are great for in the car or taking along where kids need to be quiet or semi still.

What’s more?  These Transformer characters can combine together to form one large Transformers figure.  How cool is that?  Each of these teams consists of one SCOUT scale figure and four LEGENDS scale vehicles.  The SCOUT figure features one vehicle mode and two robotmodes and each of the LEGENDS scale vehicles can plug into the specially marked ports on the central SCOUT scale figure.