Get In The Christmas Mood

The kids and I are home today and getting some much holiday cleaning done.  Hopefully we’ll wrap too, we’re running way behind this year.  Here are the great cd’s we’re listening too and I’m telling you they are fantastic!

Wilson Phillips Christmas In Harmony brings back memories of their songs from the 80’s & 90s and begins new memories for Christmas.  Psstt moms my kids like this cd too!

Winter’s Songs is beautiful music and has been enjoyed a lot.  It’s just perfect to curl up to the fire with and snuggle.  This CD is wonderful for background music at a party.

Last year I was lucky enough to review and write about il Divo.  Their song selection takes me back to Midnight Mass with songs like Ave Maria and The Lord’s Prayer.  Their smooth voices ranging from tenors to Baritone give you mind a rest and allows you to just listen and enjoy.

Merry Christmas!

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