3 Hour Giveaway Ending 1/10/11 @ 3pm est

I was introduced to VerTerra Dinnerware and it got me curious.  VerTerra, says they can’t promise your meal will be guilt-free but they can guarantee your dinnerware will be.  Their plates, bowls and other serving dishes are constructed with fallen leaves and water.  VerTerra serving ware is non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable, durable, lightweight, and convenient and they are beautiful to look at.

I had my doubts.  Big time doubts but I have learned!  These plates are stronger than even the best paper plate, they beat durability of plastic too.  I had a sandwich on mine and dusted it and put it back (yes, my kids cried foul when I switched them around and asked them to pick which I put back lol).    Seriously though I wiped them with a damp cloth and reused them.  They are beautiful and durable dishes will be the talk of the holiday circuit of parties.

No one claimed one of the Verterra wins so we are going to do a live review.  You get one comment post for each Networking Witches you enter or have entered.

Winner is comment #44 Sarah C