Pear Tree Greetings – Get Ready For Valentine’s Day

Just long enough to take a breath and Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  Valentines are a loving thought to share with your family, friends, or class.  Pear Tree Greetings has the Valentines perfect for spreading love around.

The Hearts-A-Flutter are personalized Valentine’s Day cards from Pear Tree.  What is better than a Love Coupon to a loved one, from that certain little person?  Family photos from Christmas in hearts to family members.

To make the card perfect put a loving sticker on the back flap.  Your kids will have fun (or big kids too 😉  Valentine’s are fun and fancy and will look great with customized Valentine’s Day Address Lables.

I would like to thank Pear Tree Greetings for their personalized note cards with my name as well.  Final thoughts?  Pear Tree Greetings has a wide selection of greeting cards, announcements,  and many of your paper needs.  I love them.  These high quality products are perfection for correspondence.

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