Some Of My Random Wanderings *Fair Warning They May Be Odd

Ok, so I lay in bed and I can’t sleep. Many times I’ll reach for the iPod and touch type/tap out what I’m thinking then email it to myself, or I’ll play word warp. All the while I’m sure I’ll put it together into an actual post for you all. So finally here is one of those posts. Totally random, odd, weird – whatever thoughts that cross my mind when I’m stricken with a night of insomnia.

Now keep in mind that these are from a few different nights, not just one… and yes I was bored at one point or another and I did edit the above shovel image. I don’t remember why, but I’m sure at that point I had a reason. (right?)

No order or organization, just completely random.

  • Yes, that was me checking out at the store. I paid for 2 orders. Yes, I did fumble and get flustered. Yes! I had coupons too. Perhaps if I wouldn’t have heard your deep sighs I wouldn’t have gotten flustered. (What were you doing back there anyway? There wasn’t a marathon in town.)
  • Yup, I’m behind. And I’m entitled. Walk a full mile in my shoes then I might pay attention to you when you nag. Since you said you are a reader that leads us to believe that you read the site posts. Hence you would know that my family has been through the ringer. It’s ok, thank you for your concerns – we’re pulling up and out of this together. (yes that’s sarcasm)
  • No, I’m not going to save a tree by not using a check, I make other reductions to decrease our carbon foot-print. So don’t rush me in the check out lane or I’m cutting a big fat hairy fart as I walk away. 🙂 I’ll really do it too.
  • STOP Look and listen … isn’t that a song? Not sure but hear ye’, hear ye’ – you get paid for emailing me to ask me to post this, that or the other for either zero compensation, or a loaner product.
  • Look – I’m a Mom I don’t borrow anything that my kids, nieces or nephews could have potential interest in. (I don’t borrow items at all) That would result in more free posts from me and me having to pay for your product because one of the busy kiddos in my life thinks that it rocks and (listen) one of them may rule the world one day so it ends up broken.

NOT gonna’ happen. Please have more respect for our site and your product. Mind you I’m talking huge companies here. Nothing small. I doubt one product will push the company into bankruptcy since you’re getting paid to ask me for free space.

When I’m impressed or flattered by a product or company, I post that, when I want to post it.
And you’re merely giving me a shove away with the cheap emails wanting free space. That speaks loud and clear so be careful of what you ask and expect of the PR firm that represents you. Make sure you know what they are doing and how they are doing it.

  • Yes even though I speak my mind I do have friends. Wonderful and supportive friends. I have been able to see who they really are over the last 6 months or so. And they love that I’m not a back-biter, I say what I need to say. Take it or leave it.
  • Thank you to one of the PR firms that I have worked with over the last year. They sent me a wonderful box full to the brim with 3M products. Each one will be put to a good use or donated to the nursing home. Nothing will be wasted.
  • Thank you to whoever was playing a Secret Santa and handing out a card with a $100 bill attached. It really touched my heart to see such kindness. No, I didn’t receive one, this was a story on our local news. Kudos!
  • And the Elves that delivered bikes of all sizes to a less fortunate neighborhood. You made me cry. You gifted each child and parent/guardian with something much more than a bicycle for their kid(s). You all renewed their Christmas Spirit, maybe even their faith.
  • To the lady at Walmart during the summer months. That was gross. Pregnant bellies are adorable, however that only applies to certain situations and places. Pull up your pants and please, let your shirt cover at least a portion of your engorged belly. Well for that matter, just wear a shirt.I felt like I had walked into a train wreck. I couldn’t look away. Some things just shouldn’t be done.
  • It’s very likely that I will say something to offend you – at some point. Just be prepared. I’m not good at that whole tongue biting thing in case you didn’t notice. 🙂
  • It’s not nice to ask others to do something for me that I won’t do for myself. But that spider web in the corner doesn’t look vacant. Don’t spiders hibernate or something?
  • Yes, I will blog about toilet paper. Why not? We all use it.
  • What was that noise?
  • Will she really bottle up a fart from Mickey Mouse while she’s there? I hope she knows I was serious.
  • What the heck is he doing?
  • I’m glad that his snoring is keeping me awake tonight. It means he’s still laying beside me. 🙂

Well, I’m off to bed to rest my head. If you’re lucky I won’t be able to sleep and I’ll begin gathering my next round up of Random Wanderings! Maybe I could start a series of posts with my random thoughts, what could I name them?

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