Precious Cargo Snow Days Parents Take Some Responsiblity!

Every kid that attends school, every parent – be it working parents or parents that stay home know exactly what it means when someone says “Snow Day”. Kids jump for joy, some parents join them, some parents groan, others prepare indoor activities until school is back in session.

The views reflected here and on John’s Facebook page are those of his own and does not represent those of KFVS 12.

I think parents (at least in my area) pay plenty of school taxes to justify our kids riding the school bus. Yes, I’m about half insulted by John Dissauer’s comments. It really sparked emotion with me, and some others.

John Dissauer Kfvs I don’t agree that ice is the problem. There are times we get snow and schools are called off due to snow not due to ice. When you have ice, you just drive a LOT slower. It doesn’t mean you can’t get places. If students arrive to class late, then they arrive late.”

I don’t know how the rest of you feel about this, but I would REALLY like to know.

We were without electric not too very long for around 2 weeks. I’m sure sending my kids to school was of top priority. (note sarcasm) Not keeping the pipes from freezing in our rural home with outdoor wood heat that relies on electric for a fan. No water because we have well water, no electric means no pump moving water indoors.

What about parents that have no transportation or can’t afford gas? It is a reality during some of our hardest economic times. My kids ride the bus for around an hour each way to school. There have been a few times we have told the bus driver that there was no school since our kids are the first on and last off. I think it’s about time that the school’s start paying attention to those that live in rural areas. We don’t have pavement heat or a lot of traffic to help melt snow away.

My response to those that say ” I lived in such and such state, 12″ of snow and we still had school.” It’s very likely that those areas are equipped and prepared for that kind of snow. Our area in case some of you haven’t noticed is not prepared for that kind of snow. Take note of recent Department of Transportation cuts (among many others) budget cuts, means secondary roads are not bothered with. We have a lot of gravel and secondary roads.

I do not agree that it’s personal responsibility on the parents part. Again, not all parents have the means to get their kids to school at all, let alone with snow on the ground. As John D. states below, “I may be wrong, but I don’t know of a law that requires school districts to provide door to door transportation.”

Seriously? Door to door transportation, what exactly are the school buses for? I’m not asking the school system to wake my kids up and make them get dressed. All parents do not make a 6 digit income.

Myself, I think our weather guy is being a bit on the arrogant side. Below is a copy and paste of the entire conversation on the KFVS-12 John Dissauer Facebook page.

Last names removed and are not linked for the privacy of others. Included are the first initial only.

John Dissauer Kfvs

I have always been amazed at the number of schools closing around here for 1″ or less of snow. Sometimes it makes me wonder if education is a priority. If buses can’t run that isn’t a problem. It is the parent’s responsibility to get kids to school, not the school district’s. Just my own opinion…

49 minutes ago ·

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    • S – What gets me is when school is called off on a Friday, but the “big game” that very same night absolutely MUST be played. I think you’re right, John….simply a matter of misplaced priorities.

      47 minutes ago
    • D – We have a lot of gravel roads here in Hardin County, and they are still covered in ice from last week’s storm. I don’t think tonight’s snow had as much to do with cancelling school as that did, some roads here have not been treated at all.

      47 minutes ago ·
    • D-  But we are getting more snow than was expected here also, which did not help things.

      45 minutes ago · 
    • John Dissauer Kfvs I don’t agree that ice is the problem. There are times we get snow and schools are called off due to snow not due to ice. When you have ice, you just drive a LOT slower. It doesn’t mean you can’t get places. If students arrive to class late, then they arrive late.

      45 minutes ago ·
    • I totally agree with you John!! We moved from Louisiana5 years ago due to Hurricane Katrina and I still don’t understand that. Let the buses run on Snow routes…those that the buses can’t get to need to be brought by parents

      45 minutes ago ·
    • Rose Considering MANY families live on gravel roads, access in and out is not available when there’s snow on the ground. Some parents can’t afford a car or gas for the car to drive their kid to school. EVERYONE does NOT live in town where the school is 5 minutes away. John, I’m pretty disappointed in your closed minded opinion and also a bit insulted. Just like with severe weather and “breaking news” the rural sections of the viewing area are “overlooked”.

      43 minutes ago
    • S – so, on days when you are encouraging people to only travel if they have to, you want to increase the amount of traffic on the roads?

      42 minutes ago
    • D –  Most of our county is rural, and a high percentage of our kids live on the gravel roads. “Snow routes” mean most of our kids miss school.

      42 minutes ago
    • G –  Since the days missed must be made up, the education process continues. Lots of the back roads are bad when the main roads are clear. ALWAYS error on the side of saftey.

      41 minutes ago ·
    • John Dissauer Kfvs

      Rose: I would disagree in the comment about being “closed minded”. Growing up, the schools I went to had probably 25% of the students living in rural areas. When we had snow or they had travel issues getting in… those students would ju…st arrive late or the parents would call in and take them out of school for the day.

      Again… this is just my opinion. Everyone is entitled to one.See More

      41 minutes ago ·
    • C –  Sikeston was closed Friday, could have just been a delay. When I was in school we would have been lucky to get that, and that was only 9 yrs ago.

      41 minutes ago via
    • Rose – John, look at the percentage of kids in OUR area. As another viewer mentioned, the days ARE made up. I don’t know about others, but my family would prefer to be safe than sorry. Not to even mention secondary roads that don’t get the same attention as snow routes. My opinion is that yours is narrow minded. I was rather shocked to have read such a comment from you!

      39 minutes ago
    • V –  I think the problem is public outcry. The administrators that make the decisions are in a “damed if they do, damned if they don’t” situation. If they call school off…parents are upset because now they have to find a sitter to go to work, or the kids are going to lose Spring Break to make them up. If they don’t call off school, parents complain that the schools only want their money for the kids being there that day.

      39 minutes ago ·
    • J – I think a lot of the reason that school is called off is because of lawsuits….Unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest parents out there that would love to sue the school for their child busting their butt on ice or something???

      37 minutes ago
    • T – So I’m guessing he ain’t ever lived on one of them gravel roads ???????

      36 minutes ago
    • D –  I am going to chime in. I think they call school off to soon. Don’t have the buses run. If you can’t get your child there, then so be it. But, no reason to close the whole school down.

      35 minutes ago
    • K –  Most of the time Johnson Co. schools get out for snow because of Lake of Egypt roads and the backroads in JoCo…I would like for someone to drive straight up and down those roads in the snow and especially with ice on it…its not possible..and with ice it doesn’t matter if you have a 4wd or not, its ice and there is no traction. Like other people have said, it doesn’t matter if they go now or not…they are still going to make those days up at the end of the year.

      35 minutes ago ·
    • A-  Sometimes getting kids to school isn’t as easy as many would think.A childs safety is way more important then risking their lives to put them on a bus so the schools can get their money!

      35 minutes ago ·
    • Rose If the entire school isn’t closed, then the kids that aren’t able to get there because of travel issues – they are counted absent.

      35 minutes ago ·
    • B – John, I grew up in the Chicago area, so my thing about buying bread and milk when the forecast says snow came from the 27 inch storm in January 1967. I used to wonder about how a little snow can close theschoos, but then I started noticing …how many accidents, including fatals, that came along with less than 2 inches of snow on the ground.

      I think now that it’s wise to err on the side of caution, since this part of the country seldom gets more than 12 inches of snow at one time, and drivers are less experienced. Overconfident SUV drivers are a newer issue, but somehow more dangerous. I’d hate to hear a story about a multiple fatality crash between a Ford Explorer and a school bus.See More
      34 minutes ago ·
    • John Dissauer Kfvs Ashley: I would agree with you. It can be difficult to get them to school, but that is where it is up to the parents not the school districts to provide transportation. I think sometimes parents lean too much on the school districts to provide things like transportation.

    John, why do we pay school taxes?

    • 34 minutes ago ·
    • John Dissauer Kfvs Bill: Agree with your statement. Goes back to taking personal responsibility (and making responsible decisions).

      32 minutes ago ·
    • E – I used to live in Michigan, we had 5 to 10 inches and still had school!

      32 minutes ago
    • Rose Parent’s pay plenty on school taxes. Cost of living has gone up, pay rates (including those on social security) has NOT. If the school did not offer transportation how would many kids get to school. Hell while you’re at it, wrap up day care centers too! Not everyone makes a 6 digit income. That my friend is reality.

      31 minutes ago ·
    • John Dissauer Kfvs Again… This is a good topic for conversation and is interesting to hear others’ views.

      31 minutes ago ·
    • A – Good you agreed, but yet again its about safety!

      I would never risk my life or my childs life to get them to school!
      Regardless if its me taking them or the school picking them up.

      31 minutes ago ·
    • Rose Yes but don’t insult parents that can not afford transportation or gas. They want their children educated as much as a wealthy parental unit.

      30 minutes ago ·
    • J – How is he insulting people Rose? What happened to having an opinion?

      29 minutes ago
    • F –  my kids live in kelly school district and is on the bus for about 35 to 40 mins nothing but back roads i would rather my child have to make up a day then risk there life they are to precious

      29 minutes ago v
    • John Dissauer Kfvs If I have insulted parents, that was not my intention and I apologize if you feel that you were insulted..

      29 minutes ago ·
    • A – the entire point is the “safety” of children not who can get them to school.

      28 minutes ago
    • K –  think it’s silly to say that if a bus can’t get the child then it’s up to the parents…yes parent should be part of transport…but most people would think that if a bus is not able to get the children then the parent shouldn’t be driving either because of the road conditions. I know I wouldn’t ever get my children out on those roads. Their safety is more important than a day of school that they will be making up anyways.

      27 minutes ago ·
    • D  -If the roads are too bad for buses, they’re too bad for parents either. Passenger cars slide just the same as buses on icy roads.

      25 minutes ago

    • A –  I agree with Kristin on this one!! and there are many parents who don’t have vehicles and this day in age people don’t always trust someone else taking their children to school for them!!

      24 minutes ago
    • Rose

      John said, “If buses can’t run that isn’t a problem. It is the parent’s responsibility to get kids to school, …”
      Now, is there anyone that can take into consideration a family w/out a vehicle or one that can not afford gas to get the kids…… to school. That leaves them irresponsible for what they can and can’t afford?See More
      23 minutes ago
    • A – If we as parents HAVE to send our children to school or we get into trouble then the school should HAVE to be the ones to pick them up…

      21 minutes ago ·
    • T –  u are so right Jerra 🙂 everybdy has their opinions

      21 minutes ago ·
    • L – Well..I never make comments on here but just can’t help myself this time..first of all, he said it was his opinion!! That in itself didn’t warrant all this you respond to all of your friends comments or just what you disagree with?? Second, who’s fault is it the amount of money someone makes..not John’s or anybody’s else’s reading this! Alot of parent’s don’t take responsibility for their children these days!!

      20 minutes ago ·
    • R – John, ur a great weatherman. thats no doubt, but please leave the opinions up to mike!

      19 minutes ago via
    • John Dissauer Kfvs The idea that roads are too bad for buses is sometimes due to the fear of the school district getting sued than anything.

      19 minutes ago
    • J –

      Johnny, first of when snow melts and re- freezes it makes ice! Thought you might have that one figured out by now. So that nullified your snow and ice reply. Second the districts are required to provide student transportation, its a law loo…k it up. Thirdly, sometimes when you have an opinion its just best to keep it to yourself. “Its better to be presumed an idiot, than open your mouth or facebook status and remove all doubt.” That’s a lesson to be learned from your sports buddy Todd Richards, some poor village is missing its idiot!See More
      19 minutes ago
    • A – everyone is intitled to their own opinion thought this was a discussion not blaming John for his comment or anyone else’s geez

      18 minutes ago
    • T –  exactly! i dnt blame john for anything he says. Hes a great weatherman 🙂

      17 minutes ago
    • G – Well John, everybody their own opinion, but some parents have to go to work and some of us have to leave in the opposite direction or only one car is available.

      17 minutes ago
    • John Dissauer Kfvs I may be wrong, but I don’t know of a law that requires school districts to provide door to door transportation.

      17 minutes ago
    • D – Totally agree, John. Back when I was in high school at Scott County Central in the *koff* the 70’s there were snow routes. Buses would only travel those routes and parents were to get their kids to the designated bus stops. It had to be a MAJOR snow to close the school.

      17 minutes ago
    • Rose – Lindy, So John’s opinion is valid, but the rest of our opinions are not, ours are crap? I respond to MANY status updates. I’m not referencing parent’s taking responsibility I am referencing parents on gravel roads, those with lower incomes. Those w/ lower incomes may not have access to means of transportation to take their child(ren) to school! We aren’t talking about the actions of children – off topic.

      17 minutes ago ·
    • John Dissauer Kfvs Everyone… Let’s keep the discussion civil. 🙂

      16 minutes ago
    • A –

      ‎@John KFVS- I agree, yes schools do cancel for the fear of being sued.
      on that note, the schools do need to keep in mind the safety of the children on the bus and the other people that are also involved.

      John is more then welcomed to his opi…nion, its his facebook page!

    • The point as previously mentioned, it is the safety of the children and people getting these children to school. If its not safe to drive, then dont get out in it. It is just common sense, really.See More
      15 minutes ago ·
    • G –  Where I come from we don’t have school bus transportation, we had to walk to school, we did not have snow days, but over here with gravel roads that do not get cleaned and both parents have to work, it is hart. So why don’t everybody just back off a little.

      14 minutes ago

    • G – I think I speak for all who disagree with you, we still Love you John. : )

      13 minutes ago ·
    • L Amen!!!!

      13 minutes ago ·
    • John Dissauer Kfvs The thing to remember with this topic is there is not one correct answer/opinion… Although, I think mine is right. 😉 haha (said tongue in cheek)
    • V-  I really have no opinion one way or another. If the school doesn’t call off and I am not comfortable with road conditions, my child doesn’t go. Bear in mind, I live 20 minutes out of town from school and we do not utilize bus service. If school calls off, I am also good with it. Just means I don’t have to fight kids out of bed.

      9 minutes ago
    • B- Well it’s my turn to Chime n!! It don’t matter to these school systems anymore money first
      Not Safety First !! If it was safety they would screen there bus drivers first . And anyway what does it matter schools have to grandfather n sno…w days, fog days, & making them up at the end of the yr it doesn’t matter how many days they r off there only allowed so many make up days at the end of the Yr.. So y not put our kids first and safety first thur any bad weather !!!! Our kids r our Life !!See More
      8 minutes ago ·
    • K -I always wondered how it is that kids can’t make it to school, but they can come to the mall and socialize in my store! It makes me mad!

      7 minutes ago ·

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