Count Down To Disney Continues!

We are leaving by train here in the next few days.  I have to say a big thank you to my parents for grand-dog, grand-cats, grand-turtle sitting.  It means so much to know our pets will be taken care of.  Our first stop will be Chicago, and I’m hoping the weather will be kind to us,  so we can take a nice walk downtown Chicago.  My kids, husband and mother in law have never been there and I want to see their mouths drop open in awe of the buildings.

Our next stop will be Washington DC and we’re hoping to take the family to the Air and Space museum.  Did you know that the Smithsonian Institutes are free?  Our tax dollars pay for their upkeep as well as donations.  Some of them do have shows that charge a small fee to get in, like the planetarium show.

Our next stop will be Orlando home of the Mouse.  First though, we are going to the Nick hotel for 2 days to meet up with Spongebob and Diego and their 13 waterslides!  Happy thoughts of warm weather.

Then its to Disney!  I can’t wait to visit the parks.  My mother in law has never traveled, and thought we could visit all of the parks in one day and saw no need for the rest of the weeks tickets.  She’s going to have a blast!

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